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  • blocks


    Strings of Simplicity

    Blocks of Perfection

    Foundation for Great Things

That Green Space is a software house building innovative solutions for enterprises. Design and Usability coupled with Agile Methodology are key ingredients in our products. We identify areas of pain, find solutions to alleviate and re-design the traditional processes that need work. We only build alternatives when the need arises focusing on iterative delivery and high levels of customer interaction. Value add is the ultimate measure that drives our success.

That Green Space of possibilities conceptualised off the green Lego™ platform

  • ‘That’

    The Underdog;

    The Upstarter;

    The Next-Big-Thing.

    ‘That’ is what we strive for.

  • Always Youthful and Green

    Focused on growing and constantly pursuing our dreams for a better future; reflecting our pursuit for new grounds and better ideas; to tinker with, to build upon, to improve and to blossom into an abundance of allure and candor.

  • ‘Space’

    A continuous abundance of free unoccupied area to nurture values and establish strong software fundamentals; A dimension where building blocks weaved together are structured to create an ecosystem of clarity and excellence.